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Developing Schöneberg

Urban development framework plan for the centre of Schönefeld, development plan for the centre of Schönefeld, new town hall Schönefeld Project management LAI Berlin 2001-2004
GFA town hall 4,800 sqm without basement/terrace garage, realised by PP


Anker Oben

Urban development framework plan for the municipality of Schönefeld, development of a town centre with town hall, market house and residential quarters

Hans-Grade-Allee Schönefeld, Central Area Schönefeld “Neue Mitte”


The aim is the development of a guiding idea as an urban development framework plan for the centre of Schönefeld, taking into account the historical structures of the original triangular town centre. The central point here is the definition of a new centre of the anticipated growth, which will grow into a medium-sized city centre as a result of the BER airport, and the formulation of a central square that spans between the town hall and the market house, analogous to the medieval town.


Surrounded and flanked by residential quarters in the form of broken-up block structures, a common square level is created as a linear public ribbon across Hans-Grade-Allee, opposite a school in the north.


A smooth cubic structure serves as the town hall or administrative centre, with a structurally readable meeting hall on the ground floor that also defines the entrance. The public functional areas are located on the high ground floor, above which the administration is located on 4 floors.

With a building depth of just under 19 m, the upper floors are designed as two-hip offices with corridors on both sides and a wide central zone for ancillary areas, access, archives and a combination zone.

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