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House Schwarz, Lake Teupitz, Brandenburg, 2018/19 
Living space 145 sqm, 420.000€.


Villa Sekoi Berlin-Lichterfelde, 2017-20

Living space 460 sqm, 70 sqm usable space NBK 1.0M€.


Mahler house, Sacrow on the lake, Brandenburg, 2014-17
200 sqm living space, 70 sqm outbuilding, NBK 850.000€.

04.11 DSC_7415.jpg

Hardenbergstraße in Berlin Charlottenburg, 2018-2020
Leasable area 2,200 sqm, NBK together approx. 1.0 m €

05.01 BRE4 Skizze.png

Densification in the courtyard through new housing construction in Berlin Wilmersdorf 2020 
Living space 435 sqm in 7 floors,

NBK €1.4 million


Miller House, Berlin Schlachtensee, 2020-22
BGF 320 sqm, NBK € 1 million

07.01 H8.jpg

Transformation of a flat in Charlottenburg, 2016
Living space 120 sqm,
NBK refurbishment 180.000 €


Grunewald, merging two levels into one house in 2018-20,
living space 180 sqm,
NBK 300.000€


Renovation of a bungalow from the 1960s and extensions in exposed concrete,

2013-14, living space existing 162 sqm,

new 132 sqm, total 294 sqm, NF 56 sqm
NBK refurbishment and new construction 450.000€


House Ruska, Berlin Eichkamp, 2009-10
NGF 25 sqm, NBK 120.000€


General Steinhoff Barracks, Kladow, Brandenburg, 2013-15
Refurbishment of a listed hall in the barracks area Federal property
NGF 1,607 sqm, NBK € 1.67 million


Various refurbishments of old buildings Founder's houses, individual flats and entire properties, since 1999


Seehaus an der Dahme Miersdorffer Werder, Brandenburg 2018/19
Living space 220 sqm, usable space 50 sqm,
NBK 850.000€

_DSC6189 Kopie.jpg

Simon House, Havelsee Brandenburg,

150 sqm living space 40 sqm outbuilding, 420.000€


Mix of uses with Hotel Marriot Inn, Axel-Springer-Strasse, Berlin-Mitte, 1999-2004
Project management in the LAI Berlin office, AG BBV Bayerische Beamtenversicherung
GFA 34,000 sqm, NBK € 52 million


New 7-storey studio and production building for MetaDesign in the centre of Kreuzberg by the office of Herzog + Partner 1995-97, gross floor area 3,800 sq.m.


New construction of a mobile roof for a waste disposal and processing company in Ireland, Limericktogether with Schlaich, Bergermann + Partner 2009 AG GoreTex
Plant area approx. 10.8 ha, feasibility study

20.05 schwarzweiß.jpg

Urban development framework plan for the centre of Schönefeld, development plan for the centre of Schönefeld, new town hall Schönefeld Project management LAI Berlin 2001-2004
GFA town hall 4,800 sqm without basement/terrace garage, realised by PP

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