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Only what is coherent can be beautiful!

Only what is coherent can be beautiful!

Architectural concepts with sophisticated design are created on the basis of logically thought-out processes. They are the basis of our work. Self-evidence and appropriateness as an attitude, serenity as well as confidence.


Building is more than the sum of materials and trades put together; in our understanding, it is the result of holistic concepts.Taking responsibility for our cities and the environment by redensifying existing buildings, adapting existing buildings to changed uses, and saving energy already tied up in existing buildings for the next decade are values to which we are fully committed.


Buildings that retain their value, ecologically sound construction methods, sustainable construction methods and careful management of the building process require complete attention;

Even the choice of construction (steel, wood, stone,..) here points the way to the overall energy balance of a building - and to its resilience.

We transform perceptions, design buildings, and create resilient spaces for living and working for each individual and for society at large.

We take what is specific and special to the situation and transform it into a highly appealing form of the built environment, changing situations and enabling something to emerge.

The idea, the concept, the design as a smart solution are the focus for us, not so much the formal setting at the beginning of a project.

We offer strategic, creative, and technical advice, help to identify potentials and to recognise and create possibilities within the framework of building law.


Detailing, the use of authentic materials and knowledge of craftsmanship and products of the building industry are prerequisites for proper implementation.

The aim is to create long-lasting buildings, both in terms of design and solid construction.

We attach great importance to intensive cooperation with our private and institutional clients and those involved in the construction process.

Economic thinking, on-time-delivery, and assurance about final cost are decisive factors for the success of our projects. You can count on us in more than one sense.

Controlling and adjusting these factors in the construction process is often underestimated and requires experience, perseverance, and persistence.It also requires patience.


Architects create value


In an area of high land prices and/or purchase prices of existing properties, it is essentially architects who make the crucial contribution to the utility, habitability, personal orientation and taste as well as value of a property, who design the habitability and orientation of a property and who create the greatest effect, also economically, with high-quality architecture. The greatest effect, also in economic terms: architects create value.


Dedicated handling of all service phases of planning and realisation for private and institutional clients. New construction, conversion, refurbishment, tenant fit-out, expertise in building services, energy-efficient building and refurbishment.

· Analysis, site search
· Valuation of land, properties, existing buildings
· Strategic, creative and technical consulting
· Concept development Modernisation, refurbishment, conversion
· Project development, initialisation, exploitation of potentials
· Idea generation, preliminary draft, design planning, conception
· Building application
· Implementation planning
· Cost planning/AVA
· Construction management and accounting, controlling

Support for private and institutional clients

We look after your project as administrators, negotiators and opportunity seekers from the acquisition of the property to the ready-to-occupy building. Technical planning and coordination of building services: energy efficiency and sustainability at the design and execution level, knowledge of passive and active energy-saving measures and modern building services. In the network with competent partners and specialist planners as well as through many years of experience with executing specialist companies and craftsmen, we offer reliable scheduling and cost statements.


· 1996-2021 - 25 years self-employed
· Chamber of architects since 1996
· 1999-2004 LAI Berlin, project management
· 1998-2000 TH Darmstadt with Prof. Hartmut Eckhardt, lectureship energy-efficient construction
· 1996-98 Prof. Kurt Ackermann Munich
· 1993-96 Prof. Thomas Herzog Munich
· 1991-93 Eckhardt and Hahn, Darmstadt
· 1986-93 Studies at TU Kaiserslautern and Darmstadt, Diploma
· 1986 A-levels Anne-Frank-Gymnasium Erding
· Childhood in Emling near Erding/Bavaria

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